A seaful of peace

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Apartments for rent, holiday in Croatia along the beautiful Adriatic Coast

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Milna, the scenic harbour

Scenic mood

Brač is the biggest of the Dalmatian Islands, which is facing Split, the city with a rich cultural history. On the West coast of the island, lying along a mile-long bay, you can reach Milna, the scenic harbour, that holds a significant nautical tourism due to its yacht ports.

Milna lies along a mile-long bay

There are many ways to spend your valuable days of relaxation here. It is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, keeping it within reach, if it pleases you. A promenade in the village or in the valleys filled with tangerine plantation can make an unforgettable memory just as a lone contemplation at sunrise on the coast or at sunset with its magical lights, maybe a dinner in a local „konoba”. Every season and land reveals something one-of-a-kind. On the island of Brač there is the highest peak of the Croatian islands, Vidova Gora (778 m), from where the view of the Dalmatian archipelago is unmatched, also you can see the famous pebbly beach of Zlatni Rat („Golden Horn”) that shapes as the wind changes.

If you plunge your fingers into the sea, you contact the whole word! croatian proverb

One can only come to Croatia by accident just once. Every further visit is a conscious pursuit of beauty, intention of inner peace, that are learnt here on a holiday.

Althought Brač is located 750 km from Budapest, we can take the highway all the way down. The island can be approached by an approximately one hour long voyage, the ferries frequent every one and a half hours. Split is also available by bus and train from Budapest and there is a ferry for the pedestrians directly from Split to Milna.

Night lights

Milna is located in the dry zone, south from the weather-confine well-known by all sailors. Due to the distance of the Dinaric Alps, the sun often still shines in Milna even if it rains in Split, only 20 km far from the island (especially early spring and autumn because of the strong, cold, north-east wind called „bora” coming from the mountains) During wintertime the average temperature is still above 50 °F, since the distance from the shore, and the great mass of water compassing the island ensures the Mediterranean climate. During wintertime, a single shirt is sufficient, the sun is shining all the time apart from a few weeks every year. The distance from the shore, and the great mass of water ensures the Mediterranean climate. During the last years, there were only rarely snowfalls at Milna, but it has melt just after touching ground. The average temperature is above 50 oF even in January. The weather is warm throughout the whole year and the sea is comfortably warm for swimming from May to October. During spring often a single shirt is sufficent for sunbathing on the terrace. Brač is one of the most sunniest places on the Adriatic See. You can count with an average of 2700 hours of sunshine. The long season and the local micro-climate is excellent for treatment of hay-fever and other pollen related allergies as well respiratory illnesses.


Those who want to relax can enjoy the closed and silent part of the island, benefit of the family atmosphere and the better public safety. The water is marvelously clear thanks to the well-distributed, rocky coasts. We can find cultivated, green valleys and incredible, sometimes sandy bays during outings. There are many quarries ont he island, the famous white limestone from Brač ornates for example the White House along many other monuiments.
Croatia - small country, great holiday