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Apartments for rent, holiday in Croatia along the beautiful Adriatic Coast

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Travel and access

There are two ways to reach us from the Hungarian border: from 1st July 2005, you can use the highway, which is faster, but more expensive due to fees. The cheaper way is to travel from Karlovac to the lakes of Plitvice. You can reach Split with bus or train too. Any road you choose to reach Split (the highway or the cost-saving way, the road near Plitvice) will merge into the same road which leads into the city. After that, you should reach a roundabout where you should drive out to Dubrovnik-Split, then the two tracks on the right will lead to the city centre of Split. After you turned off the road, you should go trough at the first traffic light following the signs with Trajekt on it. At the next crossroad, you should turn right to a three-lane road which leads to the sea. At the end of it you can reach the docks, you should go through and pass the train - and the bus station, where you should see the the „Supetar” sign. You should get in line here, in front of the gate.

When you arrive to a roundabout from the main road from the ferry in Supetar, you have to exit on the second road, in the direction of Bol, Milna (the first exit leads back to the harbour, the third is going to the north of the island). Take the right road at next junction (the opposite way as the signs show), in the direction of Bobovisce, Lozisce and Mirca. Of course, you can reach Milna if you take the left way, too, but it is a detour to the centre of the island. The signs show this way because of Lozisce’s narrow streets and the traffic jam, if the bus is on its way there. Directly before Milna, there is a hairpin curve. Approximately 200 meters after this, you have to take the right lane and turn to a road which bypasses the town itself, and drive until the end. There you will see a sign saying the main road turns left, and that is where you have to go right, and after 20 meters upwards you have to turn left to a concrete road that leads to the apartments.

GPS coordinates

Split: N 43°30'06", E 16°26'20", Milna: N 43°19'27", E 16°26'10".

Useful information

2019. 01.01. - 05.30. & 09.30. - 12.31.

from Split 6:15*9:0011:0012:30*14:1516:3018:1520:3023:59**
from Supetar 6:30*7:4510:3012:3014:30*15:3018:0020:0022:45**

* except on Sundays and holidays

** it does not run 12.24, 12.25, 12.31

Ferry fees

  • car : 124 Kn
  • adult : 28 Kn
  • child from 3-12 year 50%

2019. 05.31. - 06.27. & 09.02. - 09.29.

from Split 5:156:157:459:0011:1512:4514:1516:4518:0019:3021:0023:59
from Supetar 5:006:307:459:0010:3012:3014:0015:3018:0019:3020:4522:45

2019. 06.28. - 09.01.

from Split 5:006:308:009:3010:3012:0013:3015:0015:4516:3018:0019:3021:0023:59
from Supetar 5:006:308:009:3011:0012:0013:3015:0016:3017:1518:0019:3020:4522:45

Ferry fees

  • car : 154 Kn
  • adult : 33 Kn
  • child from 3-12 year 50%

There is a gate system on the highway. When you start, you get a ticket and you have to pay when you levae the highway, either in cash or with card.

Gorican - Sv. Helena (Zagreb) : 47 HRK

Zagreb - Bosiljevo (Split): 200 HRK


You need to use your ID card or passport to pass the boarder of Croatia, your driving license is not sufficient!

The shops are open on Sundays in Croatia, for bigger grocery shopping we suggest you go to Supetar (18 km). There is a Lidl with the same offers and prices as in Hungary, but the national Konzum or Tommy also provides a wide variety of local food.

We can often find gas stations along the highway.

National holidays in vacation season
  • 22nd June: Day of anti-fascist uprising (on this day in 1941, the resistance movement started fighting against fascism)
  • 25th June: Day of citizenship (Memorial Day of the proclamation of the Croatian independence)
  • 5th August: National Thanksgiving Day
  • 15th August: Assumption of Mary (also the day of the patron saint of Milna)

On the last weekend of July, the locals organize the traditional tug of war with boats! The inhabitants of Milna and Stomorska (a city on the near island Šolta) decide with this friendly fight over Mrduja, a small, deserted island between Brač and Šolta, in the middle of the passageway Splitska Vrata. Whoever wins, gets Mrduja for a year.